New Sunday School class for 20-somethings

A new class will start July 6th for anyone in their 20′s and very early 30′s. The class will be led by Luke Cassidy and will use the book “God at War” as a study guide. Books have been ordered for those that signed up for the class. If you would like to join the class, call the church office so a book can be ordered for you. The cost is $5 per book. The class will begin at 9:15am every Sunday.

Look at the Updates for our Growing Family!

Our tithes at work – blessing our young children! Have you seen the room transformations for our young children?  Many parents have expressed that their children are anxious to get up Sunday morning and go to their new class at LCC!  If you have not done so, please walk through the halls to see the changes occurring in the children’s classrooms.  Within just three weeks we have seen positive changes in how our children are responding to learning the great stories of the Bible, as well as sharing and showing respect for each other. The structure and classroom management has improved the classroom experience.  The name badge system enhances security and has been appreciated by parents.  We hope you can sense our compassion and care for your children, grandchildren and the children of our community as we share Jesus.
**Thank you to all who have helped with and supported this process thus far! We encourage you to get involved and make a difference for Jesus.  Stop by a classroom and sign up to help.  Our children need you to show/teach them about Jesus.**  If you have any questions, see Holly Brown, Brenda Lydick or Jen Wolfe.

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